Property1stop have looked at the problems that annoy both landlords and tenants. They then set up this business that is committed to address all of these problems. This in turn gives both the landlord and tenants the confidence that they are working with a company that knows and understands their needs.

Landlords: - Your portfolio of properties will be properly managed, you will get your rental income into your bank account in a speedy and timely manner, on the date it is due. We can help both professional landlords who need a reliable company to carry out the management of a portfolio, and also the now termed 'accidental landlords' who find themselves new to the residential letting world. We can make your entry into the property world smooth and progressive.

LOOK NO FURTHER – PROPERTY1STOP is the agency for you!!

Gone are the late rental payments into your account.

Gone are inefficient management of property repairs.

Gone are excessive time delays in keeping you informed of tenant's late payments.

Gone are excessive delays in getting you your ideal tenant for your property.

Gone are surprises about tenant's previous rental history.